You don't have to write your book alone.

Contrary to popular belief, writing a book is not a solitary occupation. Pick up any good book that’s out there, open it up, and you will find a long list of acknowledgments by the author. These are the people without whom the book would never have come into being. The author didn’t have to do it alone, and neither do you! Here are the services I offer.

Book Consulting

Carol Chesney Hess - book consulting, book coaching, and editing servicesDo you have some questions about the book writing process in general? Or maybe you have some specific questions or ideas about your book you want to run by an objective professional. What book makes the most business sense to write? What’s the best way to start? How long will it take? How do you avoid writer’s block? Is writing or typing better for the creative process? What size is the average book? No question is too small or too silly! Now is the time to get the guidance and answers you seek and not when you’re halfway through writing your book.

$175 per hour; minimum 1 hour

Book Coaching

cch-services-coachingEven the most enthusiastic and dedicated writer can get bogged down. After all, writing a book is a big commitment, and life has a way of interfering with big commitments. Resistance in all sorts of forms – writer’s block, overwhelm, procrastination, confusion, etc. – will rear its ugly little head. The best way to tame those writing monsters is to get your book coach to help you chase them away.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier and more enjoyable writing your book can be with the support of your coach.

$175 per 60-minute coaching session

The Writer's Compass

Writers Compass

The Writer’s Compass is a process I developed to help you gain the focus and clarity that are crucial for you to have on board in order to write a great book. It’s the first, all-important step that will help us build the strong foundation upon which you will write your book.

The Writer’s Compass consists of four deceptively simple questions that, quite frankly, aren’t always easy to answer. However, the time and effort we spend at this stage in your book writing process will pay three tremendous dividends down the road.

  • Your writing process will be faster, easier, and more enjoyable.
  • You’ll get started on the right track with your book, and you’ll stay there.
  • Your writing and your book will be better for it — much better.

I use the Writer’s Compass myself every single time I sit down to write anything, even something as small as a blog post. I also require that each and every one of my authors go through the process with me – no exceptions no matter where they are in writing their book when they come to me.  That’s how important I think the Writer’s Compass is. Quite simply, it is the best two-hour investment you can make in your book. Period.

$350 for one 2-hour coaching session

Editing Services

Editorial ServicesWriting a book no longer needs to be so intimidating or confusing or overwhelming. That’s because I offer soup-to-nuts editorial services — in other words, everything you could possibly need to write a book you can be proud of! Once your book is written, I don’t leave you to fend for yourself. I introduce you to the book professionals I know and trust who can shepherd your book through the production and printing phases. Then, lo and behold, that wonderful day comes when you call me up and say, “Carol, I’m holding the book in my hands, and it looks great!”

  • Book consulting
  • Book coaching
  • The Writer’s Compass
  • Developmental editing
  • Substantive editing
  • Copy editing
  • Final manuscript consolidation and preparation
  • Referrals to other book professionals whom I know and trust
  • Publishing recommendations

Fee varies depending on the scope of the project.

Is this the kind of support you’re looking for? Great! Let’s get started!


  • "Carol is not your average editor.  She helped make my book the bestseller it is today, even after five years. She ensured that the solid foundations were in place for success, both from a literary and lucrative perspective. Not only did she do a stellar editing job, she ensured that my voice, not hers, can be clearly identified throughout the book. Carol really helps you tell your story better than you probably could on your own." Christoph Spiessens, Author of Life of a Lifetime

  • “When I was looking for an editor to do the shaping and tightening of my manuscript, I wanted someone who was sympathetic to my voice but would make changes to improve my book. Carol is that editor! She has worked on two of my books to date, and her collaboration was crucial on both. Believe me, Carol’s input to your creative work is worth more than you will pay her. I’ll be collaborating with her on all my projects in the future.” Melody R. Green, Author of Your Career Your Way and Beloved, I Love You So

  • “Carol Hess knew I had an e-book inside me before I did, and she coaxed it out of me in an amazingly short period of time.  When I was frozen because I didn’t know where to start or what to write about, Carol pulled a rabbit out of her writing coach hat and had me enthusiastically writing before I knew it!  When my material needed organizing and then editing and then proofreading, she put on her editor’s hat, rolled up her sleeves, and got to work.  Before I knew it, I had an e-book of which I could be proud, a passive stream of revenue, and enhanced expertise with my market.  If you’re thinking of writing an e-book, do yourself a favor and work with Carol.  She’ll save you time and aggravation and guarantee you end up with a product that’s going to do wonders for your coaching business.” Debbie Nixon, Author of How to Play Your Best Wealth Advisor Game

  • “In my first session with Carol, I had a huge shift that changed the way I looked at writing forever. I went from total fear to, “I think I can do this.” She honed right in on my own style and gave me tools to use that really sped up the time it took when I had to write something. This was a miracle for me! Carol has a way of taking the pressure off so you can get the clarity you need to communicate through your writing. She was so supportive and encouraging and helped me get out of my own way. Through my work with Carol, my confidence with writing increased, and this freed up so much energy I had been wasting for years. What a blessing! I am now proud to share that I am a contributing author to a number one bestselling book on Amazon.” Christine Jones, Contributing Author to The Gratitude Project

  • "Wizard of Words. Carol Hess works miracles. . . She is a true magician. Prior to working with Carol, I believed that hiring an editor and writing coach was unnecessary, a waste of time and money. Oh how very, very wrong I was! Hiring Carol, without doubt, led to the quality, excellence, and overall success of my second book. The expertise and professionalism Carol brings to the table are incomparable. Then she goes one step further and commits herself in time and energy to assuring the end product is the best it can possibly be. Carol’s insights and instincts regarding what makes a book readable, enjoyable, sellable, and successful are a must for every writer of every kind." Kimble Greene, PhD and author of You Are Not Broken: The Monarch Method for Personal Transformation

  • "Carol was my partner in crime on my very first book project, and I’m pleased to say I couldn’t have made a better choice in an editor. She fully supported me during the book writing process by helping me get crystal clear on the overall theme and flow of my book, keeping me motivated when I was losing focus and being literally at my beck and call for any question or thought I wanted to bounce around. What makes Carol unique is her dedication to seeing a project through from start to finish. She didn’t just stop when the editing was done. She went above and beyond by identifying a number of self-publishing options and vetted them on my behalf, which gave me comfort and clarity that I was making the best choice in moving to the next project stage. I can’t recommend Carol highly enough, especially if you’re a first-time author that needs a bit more hand holding." Shelley Pernot, author of Running on Empty: The Irreverent Guru’s Guide to Filling Up on Mindfulness