5 Great Reasons to Write Your Non-Fiction Book

There are five excellent reasons to write your non-fiction book, especially if you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, or all three.  Those reasons are all terrific rewards for the blood, sweat, and tears you’re going to pour into your book.  (Actually, your book-writing process doesn’t have to be that difficult.  It can actually be an enjoyable experience.  Honest!)

1. Grow Your Business

When you write a book, magical things begin to happen to your business.  Correction:  When you write the right book, magical things begin to happen to your business.  You start to attract people who sign up for your newsletter, read your blog, follow you on social media.  Some of those people become clients, and some of them become raving fans.  Sales go up.  You make more money.

Another thing happens that is a bit more subtle but, nonetheless, very positive.  As you write your book, you start to gain crystal clear clarity about who your perfect clients are, what stand you take for your clients, what problems you solve for them and how.  This kind of foundational clarity about your coaching, consulting, or speaking business is like manna from heaven.  Your confidence skyrockets, your focus increases, and your passion for what you do catches fire.  That’s the stuff of business transformation.

2. Enhance Your Credibility and Expertise

There is absolutely nothing like a book – except maybe an appearance on Oprah or The Today Show – to position you as an expert in your field.  By virtue of having the courage of your convictions and communicating those convictions in the form of a book, your credibility skyrockets and your expertise is assumed.

What’s maybe even more important is you begin to believe in yourself like you never have before.  You allow yourself to embrace the label of expert in your own mind.  Many women suffer from the Impostor Syndrome – we’re never quite good enough, experienced enough, credentialed enough.  When is enough enough?  For many of us, we become enough the day we hold in our hands for the very first time the book we’ve written.

3. Create an Additional Stream of Revenue

Yes, a book can be one of those highly desired passive streams of revenue we all hear so much about – although there’s nothing passive about the work that goes into writing a book!  Or, for that matter, the work that goes into marketing and selling a book.  Whether you self-publish or go the traditional publishing route, your additional stream of revenue isn’t going to happen without a lot of solid marketing and sales effort on your part.  Please remember that.

And here’s the part of my job I hate the most – puncturing a would-be author’s balloon – but it needs to be done.  Here goes.  I know deep inside you harbor the same desire I do.  You hope that maybe you will become the next Liz Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame or the next Brené Brown of Daring Greatly fame.  You’re going to write the #1 book on the New York Times Bestseller List.  You’re going to become famous overnight.  Oprah’s going to invite you to go on tour with her.  You’re going to become rich.  Well, I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but it probably won’t.  An additional stream of revenue if you market your book consistently?  Yes.  An invitation to join the Millionaire’s Club?  Probably not.

4. Get your message out there

I’m not just an editor.  I’m also a writer just like you.  And I’m convinced that we women writers all had the same parents who were big believers in the “children are to be seen and not heard” mode of parenting.  We weren’t exactly encouraged to share our truth, speak our mind, or shout our opinions from the rooftops.  So we compensated for our early muzzling in what I like to think is a healthy way – we became women with a message.  It’s not a big leap to go from being a woman with a message to being an author with a book.  In fact, it’s a pretty natural progression, don’t you think?

And here comes the real reason I do this work.  Women’s wisdom has been silenced for far too long. Throughout the millennia, we have been gagged and muzzled so we couldn’t speak our truth. This must change. Our planet needs to read women’s words and heed women’s messages. Only then will women make the difference we and only we can make – a difference that is desperately needed in our world today.

5. Create your legacy

When I went through breast cancer a few years ago, my prognosis looked rather poor at one point.  And I came right up against the question I think most people ask themselves when facing their own mortality, “What have I done with my life?  What am I leaving behind to let people know I passed this way?  What will my legacy be?”

For those of us with a message we want to share, for those of us who have discovered a solution to a problem that challenges many, for those of us who have experienced a dark night of the soul and were transformed forever, for those of us who want to be seen and heard, there is no more rewarding legacy to leave than the book we’ve written.

So there you have it.  Five excellent reasons for you to sit down and get that book you’ve been thinking about and talking about finally written.  If not now, when?

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